Event Building and Cave Entrance

Rhys Winery: Main entry hub with entry doors and white barrel cave.

Rhys Winery: Private event room with Bottle library.

Rhys Winery: Bottle Library with gravel floor, iron gates.

Rhys Winery: Barrel cave

Rhys Winery: Crush pad cave and equipment with Winemakers office on right.

Rhys Winery: Winemakers office

Rhys Winery: Tech office

Rhys Winery: Hallway and sampling room. lab, kitchen, and offices.

Rhys Winery: Fermentation Cave - B

Rhys Winery: Fermentation Cave - A 

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Rhys Vineyards
Cave Winery

This is a 28,000 sf production winery facility that is completely underground. This includes crush pad, fermentation tank, offices, laboratory, wine library and barrel storage.

The stone event building has tasting room, event spaces, and management offices. 

Cave Driller:
Nordby Wine Caves

Nordby Construction

Technical Imagery Studios