Southern Style

Traditional Guest House

Southern Style Traditional Guesthouse

This Southern style guesthouse sits on a tight site near the top of a tree-lined knoll. The owners requested an East Coast colonial sensibility, even though the guesthouse is actually on the California West Coast, where a less formal or natural style is prominent. This formal guest house offsets the historic main house built in the 1920’s in the hills south of the San Francisco bay area. The mature garden beckons guests up the brick steps and toward the trellised entrance of this southern style guest house. The exterior building is painted stucco with a multi-colored natural slate roof. Attention to southern detail lends a sense of formality throughout the guest house. French doors symmetrically line the front and back of this house. There are swinging shutter doors with cremone bolt hardware locks that seal the building during the winter season. The shutter doors are held open with custom lion head stops. Above the French doors, on the roof, are the three dormer windows cascading light into the main rooms. At the back of the house is a large lawn area with a brick patio and trellis for outdoor dining. The main interior space has an open ceiling creating harmony. The rich yellow ochre walls offsets the white wainscoting and crown molding. The entire ceiling and dormer area have hand painted wood paneling and trim work. There is a tile floor with an inlayed accent strip that wraps around the main room. All the cabinetry was designed with corner square legs and rectangular feet creating a freestanding effect. The kitchen has all modern appliances, granite countertops, and a full pantry. The raised bar counter is coupled with two historic wrought iron chandeliers, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. The interior doors are the same exterior custom french doors with a solid wainscot panel at the base.

Publications: Fantastic Escapes

Contractor: Nordby Signature Homes

Photographers: Technical Imagery Studios